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LifeTime Discount Guarantee

What is LifeTime Discount Guarantee?

We’re the only hosting provider that offers you a discount guarantee for any subsequent renewal of your account. We’ll guarantee that, when you purchase products covered by the Life Time discount guarantee, your renewal price will always be benefited from a similar percentage discount.

How is that different than the competitors?

Don’t be fooled by the great discounts offered by most hosting providers. Look at the fine print and note that the initial discounted price is usually 3 to 4 times the standard discounted price, which is 400% lower than the standard price you’ll be paying to renew your contract!

Competitors don’t want to switch to another provider once you’ve launched your website and started getting traffic and customers. You become a “prisoner” of your current host. 

Don’t worry, we can help you if you’ve already paid too much for your current host, or if you’ve been asked to renew for a higher price! For most of our popular packages, we will help you migrate to your new domain at no cost!

Sample comparison based on the current prices & specials offered by us, and our competitors:

PackageSpecial PriceRenewal Price
WebHostDreamBasic package€ 1.99€ 1.99
Competitor 1Cheapest package€ 4.95/mo€ 8.95/moYou pay about 4 times more
for similar product!
Competitor 2Cheapest package€ 4.99/mo€ 9.99/moYou pay about 5 times more
for similar product!

Which packages are covered by the LifeTime Discount Guarantee?

You can try our great service by signing up for a month or any other billing cycle and then upgrade at any time to one of our packages protected by our price guarantee and take full advantage of the package specials. Your fees and remaining balance will be pro-rated accordingly

You can update your package with the LifeTime Discount Guarantee® by filling out our upgrade form. The package will be updated with the new package pricing and guarantee.

Check our softwares that we offer!

Did you know that you can check out all softwares that we support before purchase any package?